The System

From Left to Right: MegaJett, Mandi-Day, The Warden, Vlad Van Haisworth, Bean, Charlie-Jack, Sage Fergus, FRANK(spider), Arachnia, Gregory-Kyle, Misty, Ecto Babble, Sunny (Shadows are unknown)


We are a system currently documenting the life and stories of Hobo Haus, a destroyed planet with floating islands. It is our inner world and the stories we wrote/imagined. We are knitting them together to form one universe to get to know each other better, heal together, bridge amnesia gaps(hopefully), and work towards possible integration or functioning as multiple.

This is an art blog for storytelling, world-building, art, fine art, drag, etc... A dumping ground for all the art that we make in hopes that perhaps someone will like it or relate.

Feel free to get the newsletter or contact for more info. Any donations are appreciated to continue the growth of the project.

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Image by Greg Rakozy

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Should I make a store?

🍓🥕🌷Spring Look!♥️🌈🍀_I want to sketc
relaxing to do__Rip my butter lettuce, o
🍓🥕🌷Spring Look!♥️🌈🍀_I want to sketc

Thinking about what could help me fund this project but also not burn me out.