Kyle, or Gregory-Kyle formally, is a resident of Sunny's Station. He is a transgender cyborg who escaped a government organization where he was kept in solitary to work on specific tasks "for the good of science and country".

During his time working for the government, Kyle was a female scientist studying how to extend life and also the effects it can have on the body. One day they died in an explosion caused by a failed experiment. The government decided to test their work out on Kyle themselves and put their brain into a bot.

When they woke up, they realized that they had spent their entire life living a way they did not want - in a body they did not want - and now they were going to be forced to do the same in their "second life".

They staged an escape where they set off a fake explosion and escaped through the air ducts.

they stole a ship, which alerted the authorities, and they were chased straight to Sunny's Station. When Sunny and Kyle first met, Kyle was still in a "femme-bot form" made by the government to look conventionally attractive and they were battered and falling apart. They begged Sunny to be hidden to which Sunny said "fuck it" and let them hide within the aesteroid the station was built on in an area that was being crafted to be a quick-shop snack station.

While Sunny dealt with the authorities, and pretended to be of as much help to them as possible, Kyle set to dismantling themselves and becoming HIMSELF. He created his now frumpy wide-eyed self out of the garbage of what he found on the station and the femmebot was thrown into one of Sunny's magma-pits that helped power the station.

Kyle actually did end up encountering the authorities, as much as Sunny tried to keep them away, but Kyle was so different in both voice, gender, style, and posture that the officers did not piece together that the femme-bot they were looking for was actually a cyborg and the exposed brain tripped them up and they ended up leaving empty handed.

Kyle, now remade and ready to achieve what he truly wanted in life, pleaded with Sunny to let him own the shop down below. He promised to take it and make it as successful as he could. He admitted that becoming a barista and baker was a dream of his, something he longed to do as a hobby but work had kept him ever truly letting him realize his full talent in the craft. Sunny was hesitent until he mentioned that as long as he had a place to stay and something to eat that he'd work for free. So Sunny said "okay."

Kyle began "Kyle's Corner" and truly revamped the empty space into a cozy cafe that had both comfort foods and very strange elaborate deserts that drew in many travelers from around the universe. Over time, Kyle began to ask to go by Gregory or Gregory-Kyle. He decided that 'Kyle' was too close to his deadname and wanted a name that reminded him of his earliest memories of cooking, deciding on a name close to the name of a state he had lived in very briefly before solitary.

The situation helped put Sunny's Station on the map for a bit and brought in another regular - Hammerhead - a dishonerably discharged officer - who ended up falling in love with Sunny and the Station (and Gregory-Kyle's food).