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Arachnia - The Keeper of Arachnids

My name is Arachnia and I am a thirteen-year-old. I live in the purgatory forest. I originally lived in a small town just outside of the forest with a family who I can't really remember anymore.

What I do remember is spiders always laying eggs under my bed. There were always creepy crawlies all over the place and it was really gross. It seemed wherever I went there were bugs. At my grandma's house, there would be huge infestations of ants in my bedroom and my bedroom only! I would kill them all and get rid of them and not tell my parents because I was afraid I would get in trouble.

However, one night I saw the spiders were coming in from the window - to lay their eggs under my bed again. I decided to follow where they were coming from.

I followed the spiders back to the woods - but I knew the forest was a forbidden place to go because sometimes those who entered it did not come back.

I knew the spiders liked me, and even though that scared me, I decided to follow them back into the forest.

The weird thing about the forest is that nothing ever looks the same. You could walk in a circle and be somewhere completely different. What I've heard is that any forest you walk into - it all melds together and you end up wandering all the different forests all over the universe. Or at least our universe that I know of.

So I ended up under a starry filled sky and next to a canyon wall, there was a cave going into it. Suddenly all the fear I had been harboring seemed to come to the surface and I was getting teary-eyed and shaking. I realized just how far away from home I was. But the spiders were all going into this cave, and some even seemed to stop and look back at me as if asking "Are you coming?"

So I slowly walked into the cave and came face to face with a giant spider! He was huge - twice the size as me! I screamed, and tried to run away but the spiders started blocking the door, and when I turned back to face the giant tarantula I realized he wasn't attacking me.

I don't know how long we sat together, some of the spiders shared their food with me, even though it was usually gross bugs, sometimes they brought me a nice thing like a croissant or some candy or even a little pasta dish - and soon it seemed like they realized which ones I liked better and continued to bring me those. The giant spider ate too, and would usually look over at me like it wanted to communicate or something.

Eventually, even know I don't know how long it took, I realized that he was trying to talk to me and that if I listened hard enough I could almost hear him talking in my head. He was a wise old spider and had many mysteries and stories of the forest that he wanted to share with me. Apparently I was chosen because I had the gift of being able to talk with spiders and a natural charm that they liked about me - which was cool.

I'm learning more about the forest and my place in helping lost souls wander through - and protect the spiders and insects. They play a huge part in keeping the forest healthy from the negative energies and bad dreams the lost souls were tainted with. They wrap them up in their silk and eat them up. I'm here for them to be brave and stand up to the scary things that would dare harm them!

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