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Escaping the Nucklavee

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

I was out at the shoreline, taking an afternoon stroll. It was my last day in Ireland and an unusually warm night, so I decided it would be nice to have a swim. I didn’t want to waste the opportunity, so I dove in and began exploring the wildlife. And at first, of course at first everything was beautiful - I’m seeing plants and fishes I’ve never seen before and taking it all in - I swim down deep into the sea’s waters to see more - but then suddenly the fish dispersed - and I was all alone - everything felt so silent.

I looked down again and - you know how when it’s pitch black and your eyes start trying to make sense of the NOTHING you can see - well I look down and can make out like a an oval-like shape… then I realize there are two… then a hint of light catches the shapes and I can make out giant eyes staring at me - unmoving - and my gut DROPS.

...I’m booking it for shore, right.

I finally get to where my feet can touch ground and am trying to cut my way through the water - because water slows you down right? So not only is whatever Mr.GiantGlowyEyes out there following me but I have the “running in your nightmares” vibe going on of running as fast as I can and going at that snail’s pace…

And right when I can run again - right when I’m out of the water and youknow - have the ability to run very fast and very far - I decided “Whatever it is - is in the water - and I’m NOT in the water”.... So I look back.

The sea is foaming like it’s infected at the shoreline - and from that puss-like foam a skinless horse pulls itself out of the water, something flopping lifelessly on its back.

A horse with no eyes and red-irritated muscles has a skinless human-like torso growing out of it’s back like a cancerous growth - but the thing wasn’t TRULY human… A head that was three feet wide lolled on top of a neck barely keeping it attached, lidless eyes staring directly at me, and spidery arms that were so very - VERY - long that they reached the ground and meaty hands that gripped the sand aiding in the beast coming out of the sea.

I keep running, straight into the forest that lay at the other end of the beach. Now I KNOW it's the Nucklavee - and when the Nucklavee spots you it will pursue you relentlessly. It will NEVER stop. So I don’t stop running even when my chest is aching because I’ve never exercised this much in my life but I’m running on pure fear and I don’t wanna die!

But I trip. And I fall. And I tumble down and down and down hitting rocks and tree branches on the way down until I fall right into a stream. I hear the hooves and groaning of the Nucklavee coming directly at me and as I scramble to get up I catch another site of it. The horse rears its head back for another scream and black smoke emits from its mouth and it shakes its head dispersing it around and as the smoke slowly eased its way into the air the plants began shriveling up - making crackling noises as they died.

I stumble backwards, my leg now injured from the fall, and attempt to cross the stream anyways. I feel those long spidery hands grabbing at me - dragging me backward. I scramble to slip out of my jacket and push off the side of the stream to propel myself across, and as I gasp for air at the other side. I realize - it didn’t come after me.

I’m still here.

One last time I turn to see those hands trying its best to reach out across the stream near inches from my head and I push further away. It was still after me but you see - the Nucklavee cannot cross freshwater being that it comes from saltwater and freshwater is considered ‘pure’.

So for now I was safe - and I didn’t want to push my luck - and I ran back to town as the horse blew another round of black smoke out of its nostrils in pure frustration, killing the grass below it.

So. I mean I’m fine thanks for asking. But beware - the Nucklavee is a relentless creature,we don’t know exactly what form it takes when it is in the water but the frankenstein’s monster of a human-horse hybrid it takes on land will drain your life with its poisonous breath and eat you alive.

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