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Kinda crazy to see me in this thumbnail because I had gained weight during the behavioral facility and from recovery. It was really hard to see myself this way, all swollen and inflamed. But after I started my new medication a lot of it went down overnight you can see in the #02 video. Kinda crazy.

Been very tired as of late but mostly because of the heat and I can't go outside as well as I lost my car keys so I can't go walk around the mall or a store. Regardless I have more than enough to do in the house with plants, the aquarium, and other projects. Debating on whether or not to share them. I am proud of them but also know my skillset is not where I'd like it to be yet.

I still don't know when or if I will return to Twitch. A lot of fake friends and gross networking disguised as sweet talk and "family". It hurt Ecto to the core. Perhaps this was the wake-up call we needed to dispose of negative behaviors and 'friendships'. It's hard to believe that so many people who you viewed as friends would ghost you in your time of need and isolate you during a time when it was most needed to have emotional support. Oh well. It wasn't the first or the second time, people just continue to disappoint us. I hope our future is bright with the reconnections we have made to friends from our littles' time out.


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