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Hobo Journal #01 | We are going to junk journal together

Ecto was the first member of Hobo Haus that decided that our artwork was worth being kept and not thrown away. However, everyone in Hobo Haus had so much of their artwork thrown away that there was nearly none of it left.

When members of Hobo Haus tried to remember things - things that they liked, things that they liked to do, things that made them who they are - they could never remember nor find any clues. Year of life was lost because no photos were kept and art was always thrown away at 4am in some dumpster or burn in a fire in the backyard. Art was meant to be created and then destroyed - not remembered - because no one on Hobo Haus was WORTH remembering.

However, whether it was only one Hobo throwing it all away or a few or all - no matter how sad everyone felt or the relief they felt when it was gone - one Hobo popped into existence that cherished that artwork - and the Hobos who made them.

Ecto was born out of the "figurative death" of Sage and Bean. It was clear that there was no 'father figure' being projected to everyone in the Haus. He created a large amount of work in a short amount of time. He introduced the Haus to the drag scene, brought back the puppets and fixed them up a bit so that they were usable again, and focused the body on meditation, yoga, Buddhism, self-love, and communication.

These sketches and thumbnails - and face paints are from when Ecto was in the most control of Hobo Haus, how he feels he was created, his home, singing with Sunny, and (not clearly visible in the upper right) him discovering that there were many unexplored rocks and islands in the 'universe'. These sketches were combined because they were found by Bean, not recognized, and they clearly describe certain things that they separately discovered about Hobo Haus later on.

From now on we are going to be posting our junk journaling here with descriptions so that we can keep track of our progress as a system (haus) and to feel "seen" and not "forgotten".

This is from a previous junk journal that Ecto began working on and he found a blank page and began collecting stickers from fruits.

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