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Hobo Journal #02 | DayDreamer (D.D.)

DayDreamer, Double D, DD, etc... has been a voice in the Haus for so so long. However, she has taken on many forms over the years and never clearly made herself known until AFTER the Haus became aware of itself as a system.

DayDreamer is a loving woman who is confident in her body, growth, and sexuality. She began painting again and did a few of the "DayDreamer series"as she explored the 'chakras' with symbolism and used it as a way for those in the Haus to clear their minds of negative thoughts. She grew attached to them and was able to fight the early destructive urges to either trash or burn art. The picture above (like most of the Hobos) was the image where she first voiced herself loudly to the system as "YES. This is me. This represents me."

Butterflies littering her arms (as many of the Hobos self-harm, this was a recommendation by therapists to draw instead of harm, it is supposed to represent all the reasons to love those in the system), there is a theater/home in her heart (if my heart were a house you'd be home), and she wears her swords facing out as a symbol of conquering her past instead of having it continue to harm her.

This is a past image in another junk journal that DD claims as her exploring herself.

DayDreamer speaks the most to Bean. She fills the journal we communicate in with loving words and encouragement. She still takes on MANY different forms but that is mostly because of the need for her to explore art, style, and expression.

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