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Meet DayDreamer

Another series we are starting is an introduction to each 'character' or our 'inner world selves'. Our Inside Space is very important to us, as it's how we experience and see the world. We collectively agreed that Day was the best part to go 'first' in an 'artsy video' showing who we are.

Day is one of our oldest and in making this video found so many memories and connections to other parts and it clarified experiences she didn't understand. It helped me be able to understand her more and to really see how long I actually knew her - and why when I met her again recently how it felt like I was meeting an old and dear friend.

She kept changing herself through our dreams and daydreams to try and appear as a friend, but back when Bean thought she was a demon - and I thought she was a 'guardian angel' - there were strings attached to her existence she didn't want. Upon realizing that we are a system, those strings went away and we realized she is a 'person' just like the rest of us.


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