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My 2AM Decaf Coffee // v.01

So I recently learned why I can't remember large portions of my life - and that the voices in my head/demons following me around are just 'parts' of myself that separated off from me when I was a really little kid.

I have Dissociation and different 'parts' - some 'front' and others don't. But accepting this about myself has been difficult but after I did I was able to move on to work on other things - and now - I'm just doing a series of short videos where I'm either in bed or chilling and recording some thoughts at 2am with my decaf coffee because I NEED TO STOP DRINKING SO MUCH CAFFEINE AFTER 12AM.

It's artsy because that's how we are. This is just something I'm doing for myself on the side of regular art stuff. If I feel up to it I might do more which will include Inner World conflicts, Parts talking about their own things, conversations between us, etc...

I do definitely want to do "Inner World Folklore" videos. Ecto/Day had started but was not thrilled with their own format since they don't know video as well - more theater and acting live.

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