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Sage's Death and Purgatory Beginnings

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

A long time ago there was a witch. Her specialty was manipulating the temperature of water, she would create beautiful ice sculptures in a cave far from the town she lived.

Only one person knew of her powers, a boy who could speak to crows.

One day the witch's mother found her artwork and deemed it demonic - and turned on her daughter and told the town's officers. In secret they began trying to find ways to 'cure' the girl of her power and in the end they decided the best way would be to capture her and make her repent - and if that failed, to dispose of her.

The crows heard the secret meeting and told the crow speaking boy. He ran to the cave where the witch kept her art in secret and told her to escape.However, the town had already formed a mob and had followed the boy to the cave.

They both ran, but somehow got split apart in the shuffle.The witch ran and ran until she came to a cliffside. Not knowing what to do she turned to see pitchforks and fire.Some shot at her while others tried to lasso her to bring her closer, the witch stumbling to escape the attempts.

Finally a lasso came and wrapped around her neck and pulled tight. The struggling she had done had loosened the dirt below her and the earth gave way.

As she fell, she thought "This cannot be the end."

"It is not if you do not want it to be," a voice came to her.

In the midst of her falling she saw a dark figure looming above her, falling with her.

It reached a hand out.

"I'll save you" It said lovingly to her.

She grabbed its hand and suddenly it was liquid, rapidly absorbing into her body.

Her neck snapped as the rope tightened. Her eyes had bright flashes of white and colors.

The black tar that ate its way into her grew a knife-like appendage out of her neck and sliced the rope.

She fell.

When the witch awoke she was in a bed of ice and frozen plants. Her hair plastered upwards in an ice-formed bedhead and the rope still around her neck.

She grabbed it and debated taking it off when she heard.

"Ah.... you're still alive."It was the tar.

She blinked.

It appeared to be attached to her, or what it her shadow? She couldn't tell. Nothing made sense.She looked around and saw the Forest, a place of purgatory, where lost souls wander searching for answers or exits.

She was stuck there now. With a leech in her body, she stood up and faced the woods and began walking.

[Sage/Fergus has two beginnings to her story. Depending on who is telling it - she either was run out by the town mob or committed suicide.]

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