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The Creation of Hobo Haus

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

A long time ago there was a planet that was composed of mostly water. It was a luscious planet filled with the most brilliant wildlife and the most creative plants of all shapes and colors. Though the surface of the planet was almost completely covered by the planet's waters, you could still see all the amazing wildlife through the crystal clear waters, making the planet not appear blue but technicolored.

However one day a seed fell from space and into the planet's waters. No one knows the origin of this seed - only that it came down from the sky and plummeted into the ocean. It fell through the waters until it hit the ocean floor. Nestled into the ocean floor, the seed began to grow.

And it grew and grew and GREW. It soaked up the planet's waters - drying out the wildlife - growing thrice as fast and a million times larger than everything else. The roots from this seed dug deep into the planet's crust and killed the other plants and animals by absorbing all their resources for itself. And yet still the plant continued to grow from this cursed seed! It soaked up nearly all the planet's waters, its roots dug deep throughout the entire planet - crushing it, and it grew so big it was visible from space. It was a cancerous growth that refused to die.

Then, one day, the roots from this cursed tree grew just a bit more - and it was all the planet could take. The pressure from this tree burst the planet - the tree literally crushed the planet until it burst. The sound was deafening - an entire planet destroyed from the inside out from an alien plant.

After the initial rupture of the planet. Whatever beings were still alive either died off or were in isolation on the pieces of the planet that were crushed and now floating in space, revolving around the remains of it. Having grown too far out of the atmosphere of the planet, and having used up all its resources, the tree that had crushed the planet slowly died. All that existed now was a ruptured planet with a dead tree, surrounded by asteroids that used to be a part of it.

However, time does heal all wounds. It took years - but trees slowly began to grow on the central planet again - the roots that had once crushed the planet were now rotting and were creating fertile soil for which other trees feasted on. The central planet of Hobo Haus became a dense forest for which there was no beginning and no end.

The evil of the tree did not die with it though. As the forest grew, beings began to call this new place home. Evil beings like shadow people, ents, and wicked demons lurked in the shadows of the forest trying to lure in travellers who drove by or fell into the forest's depths from one of the "floating islands" (the pieces of the planet that were ruptured that now circled the new smaller planet).

The "Floating Islands" or "asteroids" or "remains of the original planet" still float around the newly grown Purgatory Forest. They has become inhabited by either travellers or by the surviving hobos of the original planet. It is unknown just how many islands there could be as more are discovered throughout time - however once a new one is discovered the inhabitants are certain to make alliances with the others in order to try and make their world work together and somehow figure a way to unit them again or to remember pieces of their history that were lost.

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