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THE SYSTEM - Pronouns and Gender

Updated: Jun 17

More so for us than anyone else. Feel free to just refer to us with they/them pronouns if you either don't know who is fronting or you don't know the person's pronouns.

Sunny - Dead, Doll

Pronouns: It

Gender: Agender

Ecto - Emotional Part, Doll

Pronouns: It, Fae

Gender: Non-Binary, Male(Trans)

Strawberry Jam - Internal Helper, Doll

Pronouns: Fae, It, She

Gender: Demigirl

Sage - Emotional Part, Mid, Dead, Suicidal

Pronouns: It, They

Gender: Demigirl

Hainsworth - Demon, Doll

Pronouns: He

Gender: Intergender

Bean - Dead, Psychotic

Pronouns: It, He, They

Gender: Non-Binary or Agender?

Warden - Memory Gatekeeper, Demon

Pronouns: He

Gender: Man

Charlie-Jack - Emotional Part, Little

Pronouns: He

Gender: Agender or Demiboy?

Gregory-Kyle - Emotional Part, Mid

Pronouns: He, They

Gender: Male(Trans)

Archie - Emotional Part, Little, Dead

Pronouns: Fae, She

Gender: Female

Misty - Emotional Part, Little, Protector

Pronouns: She, They

Gender: Demigirl

Mandi Day - Gatekeeps who fronts, Caretaker, Spirit

Pronouns: She

Gender: Intergender

Mega Jett - Apparently Normal Part, Self Care, Robot

Pronouns: She, Fae

Gender: Female

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