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The Tale of Nowhere Gnome

Nowhere man, used to be a nomad, a space gnome, moving from solar system to solar system - seeing all walks of life. He had such a passion for exploration and wanted to be important to those he met. He wanted to find acceptance, people who liked him.

Slowly, his enthusiasm began to fade. It didn't seem that he was finding what truly brought him joy - what people truly brought him joy.

He began getting tired. The thought of traveling didn't seem to bring that sparkle to his eyes anymore.

He didn't think he'd ever find a place to be happy, where he could be himself. Weren't there other folks like him? Didn't anyone care?

"Perhaps not..." Nowhere man mumbled aloud before situating himself under an apple tree for a nap.

But Nowhere man woke up in another world. A blank canvas in his mind, he realized he was dreaming and could bring whatever he wanted to life. He did just that.

Days, weeks, months passed and his tattered clothes began to mend. The dull colors he dressed himself in began to brighten. Swirls of the world he was creating in his mind leaked out onto his physical form.

Why wake up when he could continue to sleep and live in the world that truly was his? So he never did.

Perhaps one day he'll realize that this wasn't what he wanted - or what he needs - but for now he still sleeps.

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