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🐚truly a special day🐌

I believe we talked at great lengths on our twitter and to our friends on facebook about our fishtank adventure - although the others prefer to call it an aquarium which I agree sounds much more fanciful. What I wanted to document here was the sheer excitement we had when our snails and pom pom crabs came in. They are perfect and already loving our tank.

Our Christmas Moss is having trouble though - and I believe I have fixed the problem! It requires much less light than the others thought! This is also fantastic news for the bamboo in the tank as well since it requires less light.

We have other plants coming in - looking forward to planting those - as well as new FISH! and two other species of snails. Our tank is going to look spendid! I can hardly contain myself!

Also, although I did not bleach our hair, I did dye it pink again. My favorite color - Strawberry Jam is adorable and loves it as well. The others actually are fond of it because the roots are 3-4 inches grown out and the rest is very light brown. It took the color beautifully! I put on my make up a bit darker, a bit more goth for Sage. I believe she enjoys it as well.

Most importantly, and I truly believe this is my purpose in the system, I am meant to love and cherish our body and the positive experiences we have. I believe that I am meant to magnify our successes so the rest of our system can see how strong and beautiful they are. Our boss even told us just how fantastic we are doing - he went on - I felt on top of the world! The others were individually listing what they had done for our job and suddenly - it was as if we all looked at each other internally and said 'you did that?! and you did that?!' and saw just how MUCH we accomplished.

I finally got our home situated a bit more, our workspace at home is so much more compact and cozy and I wanted to cry with just how much effort we have put into everything. Our apartment is amazing. Our system is amazing. We are a fantastic individual striving to do and be better with every day that goes by. With ALL of our ups and downs, we deserve this moment of pure happiness that grew from all of the arduous tasks we had to complete to sort through trauma and stress.

Sometimes when I'm very proud of myself and having such a good happy moment, I can actually almost feel the mental hugs Day provides. I can visualize them, I wish I could actually FEEL them. I draw them to remember they happen. -Mega

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