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☁️🌈🌞Updated System List☁️🌈🌞

Updated: Jul 3

More so for us than anyone else. Feel free to just refer to us with they/them pronouns if you either don't know who is fronting or you don't know the person's pronouns. Major updates at bottom.

Sunny - Alien

Pronouns: It, She, He, They

Gender: Agender

Ecto - Scarecrow/Doll

Pronouns: It, Fae

Gender: Agender, Identifies with living plants growing from dead plants inside a doll

Strawberry Jam - Doll, Very Little, Haisworth's Kid

Pronouns: Fae, It, She

Gender: Female

Sage - Emotional Part, Mid, Dead, Suicidal

Pronouns: It, They

Gender: Agender, identifies as a dead body

Hainsworth - Demon, Dad to Strawberry Jam, Thurston's Lover

Pronouns: He

Gender: Intergender

Thurston - Demon, Psychotic, Very sad, Dad to Miskui, Haisworth's Lover

Pronouns: It, He, They, She

Gender: Agender

Warden - Memory Gatekeeper, Demon, Dad to Charlie, Poly

Pronouns: He

Gender: Male

Charlie-Jack - Emotional Part, Age-Slider, has a pumpkin head, Warden's Kid

Pronouns: He

Gender: Male, Identifies with pumpkins

Gregory-Kyle - Alien Cyborg, Little, Sunny's Kid

Pronouns: He, They

Gender: Femme-Male (Transmasc)

Archie - Emotional Part, Little, Dead, Sunny's Kid, SPIDERS ARE GREAT

Pronouns: Fae, She

Gender: Agender, identifies with spiders

Misty/Miskui - Alien Bug, Little, Protector, Thurston's Kid, LOVES ANTS

Pronouns: They

Gender: Identifies as a beetle, they are a beetle. Beetles.

Mandi Day - Gatekeeper, Caretaker, Goddess/Spirit, Mega Jett's Lover

Pronouns: She

Gender: Intergender/Intersex/Beyond the concept of gender she is a ray of beauty and strength

Mega Jett - Self Care, Robot/Cyborg, Mani Day's Lover

Pronouns: She, He

Gender: Hyper-Feminine, Identifies as an android-doll, Transfemme

Major updates:

Some things are changed just for honesty's sake. Was embarrassed before but, the universe and everything is just a fleeting moment and this is a random site somewhere in the ether so we might as well make the best of it for ourselves and be completely honest. Bing!

  1. Fergus(previously not listed for privacy) integrated into Bean creating Thurston, a demonic entity.

  2. Charlie now Age Slides, but still lives with Warden, sometimes Thurston/Haisworth. Strawberry Jam regressed to a toddler and is now adopted by Haisworth. Misty wants people to know Miskui was her original name, and adopted Thurston as her dad.

  3. Sage and Ecto are closer.

  4. Mandi Day and Mega Jett are still huge lesbians.

  5. Sunny adopted Archie and Gregory-Kyle officially.

  6. FRANK, Archie's spider, is still only an "npc" but has changed considerably.

  7. Haisworth is no longer a possessed doll, but just a demonic entity.

-Changes made by Sunny Hobo, the coolest alter, the on-fire alter, the tax filer, the DJ, the most amazing pers- (updated 7/3/2021 by Gregory-Kyle who is RESPONSIBLE and is ACTUALLY the most best alter in the system because my apron is cool)

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