Arachnia's Den

Protector of spiders and captures forest 'negativity'.

Frank is a Giant Orange-Brown Spider based on the 'Orange Baboon Tarantula'. He is one of the oldest beings on Hobo Haus and is a protector of children - though kids are often afraid of him.

Frank  lured Arachnia(Archie) from her bedroom with a trail of spiders. The tiny spiders would crawl on her and try to push/pull her to come with them, though she initially ended up killing them and crying as they crawled all over her. She tried to escape the spiders through her window but ended up being led straight to Frank's cave.

When Archie first met Frank she was terrified, but Frank pursued a friendship with her by trying to snuggle her and help her overcome her fears of spiders and the dark. The exposure therapy took a very long time, and initially left her traumatized.

When Archie realized that Frank was a protector and looking for a friend - also that instead of being alone and afraid in the dark that she could be a human liaison for the arachnids - she renamed herself to Arachnia, Spider Queen, and sought to explore the Forest and help lost spiders.

After meeting Charlie the pumpkinheaded child of the Warden, Frank blossomed from an Orange Baboon into a Pumpkin-Hybrid spider that Arachnia could live inside of - having a garden and little home inside.


There are no early drawings of Arachnia (Archie). There was only one but it was lost over the years. Originally Archie wore torn clothes, had cobwebs in her hair, fishnet shirts layered, a mini skirt with lots of zippers, etc... and felt like a gothic Miss Muffet.

Over time she polished her aesthetic with a more vintage-vibe to it. She still keeps Miss Muffet stylings such as the hat and now a puffier skirt with a cloak that resembles that of early fairytales renderings.