Sunspider is the brains behind the Hobo Haus gas station. Sunny is an agender alien/being that using all and any pronouns. He/she/they/zey - anything goes and works for Sunny because they don't even know what gender they are or were assigned at birth.

Sunny has always been an aspiring creator. She has worked her entire life to build an empire based on her ideas. Unfortunately, Sunny has always had VERY bad luck. As in - NOTHING goes right in this guy's life.

Wanting a fresh start and to try and make something of herself, Sunny actually ends up marooned on an asteroid with no ship, little to no resources, and no one else. Yikes. Becoming deliriously depressed insanely anxious, Sunny kept trying to prove to herself and her family (not that it mattered because he would never see them again) that she could BE someone.

Sunspider somehow pulls together the funds and begins building a life for himself on this asteroid. In desperate need of money Sunny decided to create a "rest stop" where travellers can get sucked into a gambling den and pay for overpriced food while they gas up their ships.

Initially this was a bust and Sunspider ends up near bankrupt, forced to borrow money and live with a random stranger who ends up settling on the asteroid as well. Sea Lion.

Sunny's tireless work ethic and self hate pushed him to keep working to exhaustion without progress and he ultimately ended up developing an alcohol addition, smoking habit, and other forms of self harm. Still, Sunspider flat out refused to give up on herself and her goals/dreams.

Sea Lion ended up becoming Sunny's best friend and cheerleader in the station's early days, even though most of the time Sunspider would lock herself out from the world in her office or the gas station shop to sell and promote to anyone willing to stop by.

Sunny still works on her station, rest stop, and refuses to chill out until she succeeds in getting noticed as a success though what qualifies as 'being noticed' and 'a success' she has trouble defining. To this day Hobo Haus is still considered a failure that Sunny refuses to give up on.

Sea Lion was a dear friend of Sunny. 

He lived on Sunny's Gas Station with them before anyone else. They both formed a deep familial connection where Sunny saw him almost as a brother - and sometimes a stand-in father figure.

He has a beard made of water which is a nod to being the polar opposite of Sunny. Sea Lion is lucky, happy, care-free, and overall loved by everyone who comes into contact with him.

He is the personification of a chill evening with a cup of tea, sighing as it rains outside.

He owns the Hobo Hotel where travelers can stay the night.

A community of small aliens landed on the station one day and saw Sea Lion as a God (and Sunny as a trickster demon and therefore shunned him as such) - and they carved a waterfall in his image that the hotel is now built into.

Sea Lion eventually felt a calling to be needed somewhere else in the universe and left Sunny alone again on the station.

Hobo Haus residents

Hobo Haus residents. From Left to Right:

Gregory-Kyle, Sunny, SeaLion, Mega, BabbleBot, Hammerhead


Above: The First Station | Right: The first Renovations