The puppets reside at a house owned by "Bean". They originally were created by Bean as his 'seven deadly sins and each sin helps aid in battling his depression in some way, shape, or form.


When Ecto fronted and found the puppets, these were stories he made up for them. They are not accurate (especially Haisworth and the Queen) but are kept as their 'performing personas' during drag shows.

This page is kept as a nod to Ecto's time as the system's host.

Zachary Van Haisworth is the first member of the S.S. Sweet Pea. He lived on a planet that was taken over by vampires who ate away at the inhabitants before leaving for another planet.

He somehow survived the attack and instead of dying - he became a vampire himself.

He traveled with the vampires to a new planet where he got a job as a ticket master - however, one circus performer called the "Masked Magician" cursed the circus workers into masks where they lay until Ecto found them.

Since then he has become an Overlord of a sector of the Underworld and has a quota he must meet at the end of each year where he must gather "new members" to keep his title.

The Princess of Hearts is the true heir to the throne of Wonderland as she was a seedling from the royal bloodline. Not as evil as her mother, she definitely learned a lot of her bad behavior.

Ecto meets her in Wonderland and reveals to her the toxic relationship she actually has with her mother. Wanting to find who she really is before she becomes as corrupt as her mother - she escapes Wonderland with Ecto.

Ecto calls her Queenie although she has no true name.

Queenie eventually wants to go back to Wonderland to defeat her mother's reign and bring peace back to Wonderland.

Andromeda is the child of the constellations - the galaxy's peacekeepers.

Andy worked to please the creators but nothing felt good enough - victories didn't feel good enough.

On an away mission, Andy's communicator cut out and instead of fixing it - they decided to leave it and disabled their tracking device while they were at it.

Andy becomes a drunk and is eager to meet her end. Ecto and Haisworth first meet Andy in a bar where Haisworth even admits that he wouldn't take Andy's life because "it'd be better if you had a life first."

Both Haisworth and Ecto encourage Andy to come with them and Andy does.

Sadie SodiePop Susan is an ambassader from a SolarPunk Planet and is a collector and botonist.

The crew meets Sadie on Earth where Sadie is looking for new specimens.

Sadie does not travel with the crew but can teleport in from time to time to say hello.

Haisworth and Sadie are best friends since Sadie loves to collect dead things and - in a way - so does Haisworth.

Ecto finds a discarded robot in the dumpster one day. Saddened, Ecto takes the body and crafts new limbs for them.

However this robot was put down for a good reason - programmed for evil - CORK is eagerly awaiting the destruction of humanity.

Ecto is trying his best to change CORK's mind to see the beauty in the organic world whereas CORK really just wants concrete and death.