A village of witches and healers in the midst of the purgatory forest.

A place for those lost,

answers can be found.

The creation of WitchPoint

WitchPoint is a world that exists within the Forest, but can ultimately be found anywhere in the system.

WitchPoint was started by a powerful witch that had the ability to create worlds, in the sense that in a very specific part of the forest - she is able to manipulate the world around her to create physical objects. She cannot create life. 


She’s one with the universe creates a world in which they can reach their full potential. 


The reason she, aka The Royal Witch, created WitchPoint is so that lost souls wandering the forest, or anywhere in the universe, can enter and get the help they most need at that moment in their life.

To do this, the Royal Witch reached out to fellow witches for help. A fortune teller, a traveller, and a portal creator. Together the fortune teller fortold which witches had the greatest potential to benefit the Royal's vision. The portal creator created a system in which lost souls could stumble into WitchPoint when they were in a time of crisis. The traveller went out and sought the witches that the fortune teller listed as potential residents of WitchPoint. Together they all created a crisis center, a city of healers dedicated to the lost, weak, and desperate.

The Royal Witch


Three witches have ascended and become dieties of this world and are often treated like gods by the other witches and manage and maintain the protection of WitchPoint from the forest around it.


They are WitchPoint's gaurdians.

The Royal Witch

- her power comes from the soil and earth

-she uses her abilites to create housing and borders around WitchPoint out of the earth.

The Solar Witch

-her power comes from the sun, fire, heat

-she protects during the day​, when the Lunar witch is weakest

The Lunar Witch

-her power comes from the water, cold, dark

-she protects at night when the Solar witch is weakest

I want to create a world for those who are lost in life.

A place where we can help them heal, so no one else has to suffer as we did when we were lost.

The Royal Witch

The Seamstress

and her flock

Everyone's witchy grandma.

The seamstress is one of the first witches to come to WitchPoint and later becomes a mentor to younger witches who come to train and heal others.

She is a homebody and creates her own wool string from her flock of sheep. They are like her family and her magic comes through the objects she makes. Making everything from scratch and by hand she creates felted objects, blankets, gloves, and more. They are made for a specific person, to help them heal and grow from whatever is hurting them in life.


The Candy Witch and the Sweeties

The first resident of WitchPoint.

In a time where witches were still creating spells from mostly potions and powders - the candy witch decided to take things a step further.



The Ecto Witch


The Ectoplasm Witch and what she does goes here.